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Welcome Friends & Amigos

Been there, done that... the feeling of a journey throughout a shrinking world... places that we walked then are all but fleeting moments away from our fingertips touching a keyboard... and presto... we are looking at them in our little window... Lessons we learned become lessons we share... Memories are but bits in a cyberspace... And amongst the infinite numbers of stars and galaxies... faces of Friends and Amigos... So much to say to each other and so little time... but some of us still remember the longhand written letters and the black and white pictures, enclosed in stamped envelopes, labeled Air-Mail, crossing distances to reach us or our Friends and Amigos...
So welcome, friend, amigo, what's up?

Have a... image... just brewed...

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  1. What's the point of getting an aducation?

    11/14/09 02:34:55 | 0 Comments, post one!

    Education? If you are looking at a school you might be looking at the wrong place for getting an education. Like John said, schools are the place to...
  2. The cover is off, PC costs us irreparable damage...

    11/12/09 18:56:13 | 0 Comments, post one!

    From CFI:
    CFI Releases Statement from Ibn Warraq in...
  3. why are there primitives today?

    11/07/09 00:47:03 | 0 Comments, post one!

    Our tiny world is but just a speck in the Universe, though it fosters an outstanding bio-diversity; this diversity is consequence of life being able...

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